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Fashion Model Jazmine Jazmine Alycia

Fashion Model Jazmine Alycia - BGG FASHION
We recently had the honor to interview one of our own Modelo Fashion Models Jazmine Alycia! This incredible interview is a must read as we get to know our model Jazmine Alycia more better. She is such an amazing talent with such a bright future. Enjoy this article and please support her. Her contact information will be on the bottom of this article. 

1. Why did you choose to become a model? 
After people kept saying I would make a great model, I still didn’t really want to do it but one of my mom’s friends mentioned that it could possibly help with college expenses. That was my light-bulb moment. That’s one reason I am working so hard to make this a success.
2. What are your greatest strengths when it comes to modeling?
I would say my greatest strengths are posing, and being able to visualize the type of shoots I wanna do. I plan the entire theme. Also, having my own sense of style helps too. A positive strength is that i'm always willing to help other models. 
3. What is your weakness if any and what are you doing to improve on it?
I’m extremely shy, honestly! It’s why I don’t do many lives on Instagram. I’m great in front of the camera, especially when i'm not talking and there aren't a lot of people standing around me. But i'm not so easygoing in front of a crowd. My nerves get the best of me. But I'm working on that and getting better! 
4. Tell us about some of your experiences in this journey?
My best experience so far was this crazy 3 day trip to NY my mom took me on. It was amazing and exhausting at the same time. Full of photo shoots, a taping of a real show that i got to be on, riding the train, subway, and in an Uber. All for the first times ever. I’ve also been in several runway shows. Each one drastically different than the others. But i love runway! it’s always awesome! 
5. What are some of your goals as a model?
My top goal is to be on billboards, or advertisements (like skincare, hair or makeup in stores) I want to continue runway but also do a lot more commercial modeling. Oh and also get into acting like commercials and even shows.
I also want to mentor young models in a few yrs. I never had anyone help me. My mom did (does) lots of research, contacting brands, arranging photo shoots and such. Yet we still find scams.Then my biggest goal is to financially be able to help my family, while saving and living my life, because they have given up and sacrificed so much to help me live my dreams, But I also want to so I better find jobs! Lol
6. What is your availability like now? 
Right now, I do most of my modeling on the weekends because I’m in school. But we’re considering home school again. I’ve done it before so we’re not new to it at all. With advanced notice, i am available almost any time, but my schedule does get full pretty quick.
7. Do people see you as trustworthy and an honest individual?
I’d like to think so. Lol. I know lots of people confide in me all the time. It kinda gets overwhelming at times. But worth it to know that if someone needs something they feel they can confide in me. Plus just about any adult that meets me says i am.
8. Would you consider yourself a creative person?
Yes most definitely! I love to sing and dance. I also draw and paint. (you can see some of my personal artwork and my Tik Tok videos in my highlights on Instagram)  I’m always thinking of new photo shoots that are creative and outta the box. 
9. How do you deal in uncomfortable situations?
I always go to my mom for advice and try to never stoop to lower levels.
10. When have you worked among a diverse group of people?
Almost each show has various ethnicity and genders. Which makes it so much more fun. 
11. When entering a new modeling gig, describe how you build relationships with the creative team or your fellow models?
 I’m usually pretty shy at first. I am always nice to everyone, I try to talk to and include everyone especially those I see being ignored by others. I keep in mind that this is business. So that means being respectful, considerate and compassionate as much as possible. 
12. How do you handle a situation where a photographer does not properly direct you?
 I’ve only had this happen twice. When I first started over a year and a half ago. I had no idea what I was doing. I kinda stood there, barely moving. The photos were horrible! I was intimidated by the photographers as well. But I just tried to keep my cool and do the best I can. I began studying poses, angles and ideas and now it's funny because i can be zoned out but as soon as I see the camera ready, I instantly jump into model action. Photographers think it's hilarious! 
13. Models need to be clear communicators, how would you rate your communication skills?
I would say that my communication skills could use a little tweaking. Since I run my own community organization, I've had to do a bit of public speaking. Since I began modeling I've had to overcome a lot of fears. People think it's so easy to model. Just stand in front of the camera and smile. That's so not true! You have to do videos, and talk to brands and agencies and casting directors and so much more. There are phone interviews, Face-time interviews. I always have to be on my game! 
14. Tell us about your education and training related to modeling?
When I first started modeling, mom found an online virtual model training course through a UK model agency. I have to say that is where I gained most of my tips and confidence. Even though it was online, they did weekly video group conferences with all of the models and models in training. So I got to learn from experienced models, I got a mentor whom i'm still in constant contact with even today. 
I also watch YouTube videos on runway and posing and when I have a specific photo shoot planned, I google ideas for poses. 
One of the runway shows i was recently a part of, provided a little runway training as well as at each practice by an amazing runway coach.  There's so much I still need to learn! I've been offered a spot in the Coco Rocha Model camp so that will be a very good training opportunity. 
15. When you suffer a setback during a shoot, how do you recover?
I'm not gonna lie, sometimes I cry. But mom always talks me through it. It's one of the things we do as we're driving home from any shoot, we talk about what worked, what didn't, what i need to work on and what I learned new.
16. Tell us something we wouldn't know about you from looking at your portfolio?
I'm a straight A student and member of the National Jr Honor Society and a huge special needs advocate! My little brother has autism so special needs is a big part of my life. I run my own "not for profit" organization. I shoot archery (was 4th in my state a few yrs ago), I'm gun certified, and I live in the country not the city.
17. Being a reliable model is of utmost importance. How would you describe your work ethic?
Without a doubt I am extremely dedicated to what I do. I put in 110% at every shoot even if i'm sick. When that camera turns on it's like my cue I instantly spring into action. I spend several hours each week studying poses and looking up ideas. I also have to do lots of photos here at home for the skin care and makeup brands I represent. So there is a lot of work done behind the scenes that keeps me extremely busy. 
18. Do you work well under pressure?
That really depends on what type of pressure. If it's something completely new, I can get a bit overwhelmed kinda easily. But usually I work well under pressure. I try to stay focused at all times and not let my nerves get the best of me. 
19. Who do you look up to in the modeling industry?
Definitely Winnie Harlow! She's amazing! I love that she doesn't let her differences outshine her amazing abilities. I also look up to Tyra Banks because she always has such amazing words of wisdom for up and coming models.
20. How would you react if asked to do a shoot you weren't comfortable with? 
Luckily my mom is with me at every shoot I do. I expect she will be with me for a lot of years to come. But I know that I won't do anything i'm not comfortable doing. I'm not afraid to say no!
21. What are your limitations?
Right now I don't do a lot of swim suit shoots. I feel that there are many years ahead where I can do that. I am adventurous so other than that I love to climb and seek out that perfect unique shot. 
21. Tell us about your most difficult photo shoot? 
My most difficult shoot so far has been the Halloween shoot I did recently. I don't like horror movies, so this was way out of my comfort zone with all of the fake blood. For those who haven't seen that set of photos, "I ate my prom date" so you can use your imagination there. 
We wanted to take this time to thank Fashion Model Jazmine Alycia for taking the time to talk with us in this amazing interview. We are all so proud of you with everything you have accomplished so far and we look forward to the rest of your modeling career. You are a great inspiration for everyone. 
Model Jazmine Alycia

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