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Jazmine Alycia

It's Finally Summer!

      Hi Guys! It's finally Summer and it's time to break out the shorts and sandals and put away those Winter sweaters. Whether you're inside or out with Modelo Fashion's wide variety of clothing you can be ready to hit the town or be comfortably fashionable, snuggled up on your couch. In these photos I took a couple pieces and made them my own, mixing and matching different ones until I found my perfect outfit. So if you want to stay trendy and fashionable this summer keep reading! Also be sure to use the discount code " Jazmine " for 20% off your purchase!

Featured Outfit

I looked up Summer 2020 trending looks and I used that to be the inspiration for my outfit. I paired the O Ring Strap Detail Bodysuit in the color champagne with the Twill Belted Side Pocket Cargo Cotton Short Pants in the color olive. I paired these two pieces to make my outfit!

I absolutely fell in love with these pieces and the outfit all together. The body suit fits me perfectly and I loved how the colors went together. I will list the links to all the pieces but first it's time for an outfit breakdown.

Outfit breakdown 

       The pieces that I have are the O Ring Strap Detail Bodysuit and Twill Belted Side Pocket Cargo Cotton Short Pants. Let's start with the shirt first!

This shirt would go perfectly with the Chain Cargo Twill Jogger Pants that also come in the color olive (which we already know champagne and olive go together beautifully).

The shirt would also go well with the Paper Bag W/bow Tie Short Linen Pants because of the style and it would balance out with the looseness of the shorts and the tightness of the bodysuit.


Next we have the Twill Belted Side Pocket Cargo Cotton Short Pants, these shorts give off a loose feel so I would suggest to balance it out with a body con shirt or a short loose top. 

The white Scoop Neck W/back Cross Strap Detail Waist Self Tie Ribbed Cotton Spandex Crop Top would go great with the loose cargo shorts especially with those colors!

The Striped Off-the-shoulder Gauze Crop Top would give you great chemistry in your outfit because you have the tightness of the top, but the loose arms give it a more relaxed vibe. I know what your thinking, why would you pair those two colors?! But that's the great thing you can select different color choices and purchase the shorts in black instead. 


    These outfits wouldn't be complete without some accessories to go with it! BGG Fashion has a variety of different accessories that you can add to your outfit and add that special touch. Since they have such a variety I'm sure there are a handful of accessories you can get to match your personal style!

Here we have three different accessories that I feel will fit perfectly with the previous outfit. The Designer Fashion Drop Necklace is a piece that will fit perfectly with the O Ring Strap Detail Bodysuit because of the lower neckline. The longer necklace will drape beautifully without taking away from the bodysuit itself.

The Chic Trendy Cork Textured Fashion Pattern Shopper Bag will be the perfect accent piece to compliment the outfit. It can make it both fashionable and convenient.

The charm bracelet will be a nice touch if you are looking for a piece that can add a little something to your outfit without taking away the spotlight from the other pieces.

These accessories can be worn many different ways, but these are just my suggestions from my personal style. 



   I was amazed by how amazing the products were as they always are! BGG makes it incredibly easy to find an outfit to match what your looking for or to match your style. Remember to use the discount code " Jazmine " for 20% off your purchase!

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it! Thanks for reading and always remember "Be your OWN kind of beautiful!"                   

~Yours Truly,

Jazmine Alycia

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  • Jazmine Alycia on

    Thank you so much for all the support and comments!

  • Jackie Wesley on

    Great layout and info! Looking forward to future blogs.

  • Bobbi Mikiel on

    Love the outfit and especially like the accessories you chose! Great job!

  • Gail Kinzer on

    Way to go Jazmine; I have said from the beginning that you are destined for greater. Keep pressing toward the mark and the FASHION runway will be yours!!!

  • Jennifer Copeland on

    Fantastic article!! So proud of you! Can’t wait to read more!

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