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Hey! My name is Sage Hardy. I’m 18 years old and I live in Danville, Virginia. I’ve been modeling for a few months now for West Haven International, Hannah Noelle, and BGG Fashion. I also have a job outside of modeling which would be a Hosting job at a local restaurant.
I have 4 siblings that drive me crazy, but I love them very much. My favorite color is blue. I have two animals, a chinchilla and a dog. My favorite snack is beef jerky and cheese puffs. My favorite flower is a rose, but I like all flowers. I can sing also. I don’t have many friends other then a small group. If I’m not doing that I’m working, reading, or with my family. I also play games on my Nintendo switch. I’m going to go to college soon also to be a veterinarian assistant or nurse. I want to help people or animals. A big trait of mine is always caring and always helping others.
I’ve worked so hard to get where I am today. I also battle with anxiety and depression, but that doesn’t stop me from working very hard. I was in public school half of my life. Then, I did an online program for school,
because I had complications In public school growing up.
I absolutely love modeling! It has been my dream and now I’m living it. I’m really grateful for all my supporters I have, and the companies I work for.
BGG Fashion is one of my favorite companies. They have amazing clothes and the quality is amazing. My goal for my page and this blog is to inspire people to chase their dream and work very hard.
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