BGG FASHION Presents Annalisa Hair:



Hi, I am a 15-year-old girl from a small town but I have big dreams. I have been modeling, acting, and dancing since I was four years old and before that I did pageants. I love entertaining people and putting myself out there. I am a freshman and I take all advanced classes and participate in drama club as well. i made many friends and experienced so much in my first year of high school. When I’m not hanging out with friends or studying, I am usually at dance practice getting ready for a new competition season with my amazing team. My goal for my page is to grow a large following so I can inspire people all over the world to be kind to. Would love for you to help me do that!

I have been working with BGG FASHION for about a year now and I absolutely love the huge selection, quality and fit of their clothes. Everything I have received from BGG FASHION looks incredibly fabulous and fashion forward. 
Definitely everyone should shop with them. You can get a 20% discount site wide using my coupon code Annalisa. Happy Shopping!
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